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Woodcliffe is a design firm specializing in residential, commercial and hospitality interior design, project design and management for new construction, renovations and additions. Our goal is to translate your style into real world living.



I am inspired by my client’s lives as well as by every day life in the world around us. It is my view that the goal of design shouldn’t be to make your home look like a magazine cover, but to create a living environment that stands up to every day life and still looks great at the end of the day. This is accomplished while giving my clients the best in design and construction practices. 


In close collaboration with my clients, I create living spaces that enhance the quality of life through bold use of color or neutrals, appropriate and sometimes dramatic lighting and a sharp eye for detail. Not one to shy away from the unexpected, I’m known for my ability to mix elements from a wide span of eras or styles and make artistic use of unconventional elements. Whether it's a glass sink suspended in an onyx slab, stone flooring embedded with ancient fossils, or tiles hand-crafted with antique molds, my outside-of-the-box approach enables me to create uniquely livable environments that both reflect and enhance client lifestyles. Breaking the rules doesn't always mean expensive, however. In fact, I revel in the challenge of designing within budgetary constraints. Design is about connecting with a client and discovering who they are and how they want to live, then making it happen.


Shannon, who established Woodcliffe Design in 2000, is an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and a Luxury Living Award winner as well as a finalist. She has written and contributed to numerous articles on design for publications such as CBS New York, sheknows.com, Homeworks Sourcebook and the Boston Globe. Woodcliffe represents Massachusetts as one of 50 designers across the United States featured in the book The Perfect Home - Leading Residential Interior Designers.

Shannon Miranda in Lexington, MA on Houzz
Shannon Miranda in Lexington, MA on Houzz

Thinking outside the box. 
Designing beyond the expected.